Portrait of A Graduate

Embrace. Develop. Expand.

Contagious Christians

Our children and teenagers are beacons of light in a dark world, drawing others towards God and into a relationship with their Creator. They show others the character of God through their own lives, fueled by a corporate and personal spirituality that changes them from the inside out. Their exhibition of the fruits of the Spirit makes their lives and attitudes contagious to all and expands the Kingdom of God on earth. Our children are known for what they embrace instead of what they exclude, allowing the love of God through them to be the most effective change agent in their lives.

Compassionate Citizens

As citizens of the Kingdom, our children and teenagers follow the Great Commandment to love God and love others, thinking of their fellow image-bearers as more important than themselves and always looking for opportunities to serve. Our children serve the church with their gifts, contributing to the Body of Christ as only they are enabled. They handle conflict in a godly fashion by direct and loving discussion with their neighbor, avoiding opportunities for the discord to grow and for bitterness to take root. 

Our children and teenagers exercise their dual citizenship in the world by always looking for opportunities to better their neighborhood, city, and state, exercising their God-given talents to better humanity. They thoughtfully utilize social media, knowing that the world is watching, and they must be above reproach, especially in their online presence.

Critical, Curious, and Creative Thinkers

Our children and teenagers live in a world of information overload, meaning they must critically examine and appropriate knowledge. Moving beyond knowing facts, they will apply and utilize the information they encounter in ever-deeper ways, contributing to the world’s body of collective knowledge. Their curiosity is fueled by the adults surrounding them through personal learning opportunities and choices in their educational endeavors. They curiously seek creative solutions and answers to the problems presented to them in dependence on the ultimate Creator. Creativity is further sparked through music, art, and drama programs that exhibit the beauty, truth, and goodness of God’s good world.

Confident Communicators and Collaborators

Our children and teenagerscommunicate their ideas, thoughts, and dreams with confidence through written and oral mediums, practicing both regularly to ensure that their ability to share continually increases in effectiveness. They employ writing in its various forms, allowing them to communicate in a convincing and compelling manner, preparing them for various callings in the world. Our children and teenagers speak in front of their peers and various adults often to allow them to have self-belief in their ability to conquer one of humanity’s greatest fears, public speaking. 


Our children and teenagers collaborate frequently, understanding that humanity is not meant to be alone but to live in deep, soul-enriching relationships. They learn to embrace the many differences of others and contribute together toward the common good. Our children and teenagers learn to lead and follow in a group, embracing different roles at different times and understanding and overcoming the difficulties of personal interaction.

Our Mission

The mission of Gainesville Preparatory School is to embrace each child as uniquely made in the image of God, and develop them as disciples of Christ who flourish spiritually, socially, and academically in order to expand the Kingdom of God on earth.