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The High School Experience

Gainesville Preparatory School: One of the Leading High Schools in Gainesville, GA

The world around us is in a constant state of change, yet education remains the same in most settings, and it is failing to engage and educate our teenagers. At Gainesville Prep, we continue to utilize the latest educational research to create a program that personalizes learning through standards-based grading, allowing choice and voice wherever possible, and flexible pathways towards graduation. We offer electives in-person, but also utilize multiple online providers to allow for maximum choice while also providing community and accountability.

Through their holistic education at Gainesville Prep, our teenagers are on their way to becoming contagious Christians, compassionate citizens, creative, critical, and curious thinkers, and confident communicators and collaborators. Join us on the journey and help us expand the Kingdom of God!



Building disciples is the ultimate goal at Gainesville Prep and through daily Bible lessons, weekly chapels combined with small group discussions, and integration of faith into every subject, teenagers are well-grounded in the historic Christian faith.

Project Based Learning

Project Based Learning

Gainesville Prep utilizes hands-on and project-based learning to allow our students to take control of their own education and develop a passion for learning. Instead of talking about simple machines, our students build a game utilizing them and then teach their younger peers how they work! These and other exciting projects engage our teens in their learning at a deeper level, where they have voice and choice.

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All teenagers have a personal Chromebook that they utilize for assignments, research, IXL, Kahoot, and Nearpod, to create presentations, and for additional learning support. Students can also choose to learn coding or robotics during their Community Time, increasing their technological literacy beyond the foundation laid in elementary school.

Community Time


Community Time is our daily period held during school hours for clubs, assistance with complex concepts, or study hall. Teens can choose between a host of clubs, including the Literary Society, Spanish Club, robotics and coding, archery, Beta Club, and more! One of the main goals is to allow our teens to connect with one another and take a breath from their hectic schedules to participate in enrichment activities. Many high schools in Gainesville have moved to this model in efforts to improve student engagement and mental health.

Personalized Learning

Every teenager is unique as a learner, and at Gainesville Prep, we create a classroom where they can express that individuality in their learning interests in multiple ways. While covering the same challenging and rigorous curriculum, including math, ELA, science, and history teenagers are allowed to choose aspects for more in-depth investigation and are enabled to present their learning in multiple ways beyond traditional pen-and-paper tests. The goal is to allow teenagers voice and choice that engenders a lifelong love of learning. Our small class sizes, low teen-to-teacher ratio,  and use of technology provide an optimal environment for individualized attention and personalized learning.

As one of the leading high schools in Gainesville, GA, we are committed to providing an exceptional and enriching educational experience that prepares students for success in college, careers, and beyond.

We utilize national and state standards to create targets for our teachers and learners and to maintain a high-quality, rigorous curriculum.  Our veteran teachers integrate their faith into their classes, showing our students that all truth is God’s truth.

Honors, Advanced Placement, and dual-enrollment classes are offered for those teenagers that qualify and there is flexibility in our prescribed pathways to allow for teen voice and choice. Click here for our High School Academic Pathways, including our General, College Prep, and Impact Scholars Diploma.

We have many opportunities for our teenagers to participate in activities during and after the school day. Click anywhere in this box for more information.

GPS utilizes standards-based grading (SBG), but do not worry, we will get you up to speed on how this works and the advantages. Briefly, SBG gives you a more detailed picture of your teen’s successes and areas where they may struggle. You can check out this link for more information.

Schools runs from 8:30AM to 3:30PM.

Our Mission

The mission of Gainesville Preparatory School is to embrace each child as uniquely made in the image of God, and develop them as disciples of Christ who flourish spiritually, socially, and academically in order to expand the Kingdom of God on earth.